Jug of Punch_CD Sleeve>v4

Jug of Punch is an old pirate singing his favorite sea shanties while well in his cups! This is our debut release by the unforgettable David Ormond.

Enchanted music from the faerie realms.

Faerie Archives Volume 1 is an enchanted recording of some very unusual recordings made in collaboration with the faerie realms.



Based on the German expressionist classic.

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari is the music from the dance performance by Astra Dance Theatre based on the 1919 German expressionist classic.

2 centuries of love and revenge.

Astra von Berlifitzing is the title show of the Astra Dance Company. This audio CD features the gripping score of the theatrical show.

pagan goth electronic

Sellisternia is the goth-electronic debut from artist High Priestess

Oaksong cover new

OakSong is the celtic rock masterpiece by High Priestess, featuring an incredible array of talented musicians.