The High Priestess

The High Priestess, aka Regan, has been creating music since she was a wee child. She was first captivated by the piano, and then moved on to singing, composing. It was years before she found her soul instrument – the celtic harp. Travel with Regan has she explores spirituality and the human condition through her music over the years through her solo albums.

Faerie Archives Volume 1

Enchanted music from the faerie realms.

The Society for the Preservation of Faerie Arts is proud to present the world’s first live recording of authentic Faerie music!

Recorded at the famous House of Bliss, this timeless music weaves together harp, otherworldly strings and voices, and the ambience of magic itself.

Thank you for your support. It is our great pleasure to share the groundbreaking research of the Society for the Preservation of Faerie Arts.

Our adventure began when Reverend Alexander built the first Faerie House. A living altar, it was built using wood and plant materials from the oak forest around the House of Bliss.

At certain times of celestial alignment, when offerings are made in a magical setting, the Faerie realm reveals itself to the pure of heart. The famous House of Bliss is a place of high vibration, with a history of incredible innovations in healing, energy theory and sacred arts.

The fae were seduced over several months time, eventually being captivated by our enchanted harp known as Desiré. Sometimes visible, other times ethereal, the Fae came to play with Desiré. In the garden, by the creek… the music seemed to emerge from nature itself. At times we could hear the Faeries being accompanied by unseen instruments from the other realm.


celtic rock

High Priestess channels dynamic and passionate music incorporating traditional celtic and magickal music with rock, cabaret and jazz. The music ranges from soothing to evangelical. The idea is that everyone deserves to feel advanced bliss. She helps people experience the union with God/Goddess through music and dance…

High Priestess expresses her awe and ecstacy through her singing. From the whiskey drenched femme fatale ballad to a sweet, ethereal rendition of Scarlatti,her range and innocence impresses. She also enchants the audience with her celtic harp.

Tom Fowler plays upright bass on “OakSong”, giving us a tasty foundation to lay our magic down on. He has played with such greats as Frank Zappa and Ray Charles.

Mike Miller has played his electric guitar with such luminaries at Bette Midler and the Fowler Brothers… Working across some very diverse genres, Mike brings a tasty groove to any song he plays on.

Balance is a multi-talented multi-instrumentalist who hails to us from times long gone. His sensitive and poetic piano playing are only grudgingly given up when we can’t live with out his unbelievable drumming or guitar playing. This practitioner of Bliss is no stranger to the fantastic… check out his other work at

James Smith can be seen darting and dancing as he coaxes the most delicious licks from his vibraphone. The ethereal quality of the bell-like tones of the vibes take us all to a higher plane. James is also a writer, and a true sensualist.


pagan goth electronic

“Sellisternia” combines the complexity of world music with the driving beat of electronic genres.

Check Regan’s site for more info about her, or go straight to to hear samples of her work.


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Her music ranges from beautifully delicate soundscapes to soulful trip-hop to hard-hitting industrial.


“What makes Sellisternia really interesting, however, is the marriage of those seemingly ancient vocals to the most up-to-date goth-dance that the 21st century can offer.”– Clark Collis, reviewer & journalist for MOJO (UK), Blender (US) and Q.


Regan is recording with producer Nick Launay (, whose credits include albums with INXS, Silverchair, Nick Cave, Killing Joke, Virgin Prunes, American HiFi, and Kate Bush, among others, selling over 11 million albums.